Finalist – Madrid International Film Festival
The journey of a privileged and colourful American family as they escort their 30-year-old daughter to Sevilla, where the timeless mother-daughter relationship undergoes a new birth out of the ashes of romance.

The Hypnotist

Finalist – Cinequest Screenwriting Competition
A woman’s world turns upside-down when the powerful hypnotherapist counseling her husband starts subconsciously seducing him. She must learn the art of hypnosis herself to challenge the temptress and resist being hypnotized before she loses her husband for good.

The Ways of Water

An overly controlled, lonely workaholic — with a drinking problem — realizes she does not want to die and is thusly transformed by the ways of water.


A charismatic young thief comes to believe that he is a messenger sent by God to deliver a new spiritual message to the world.

Familiar Monsters

In the midst of the Seattle grunge movement in the early 90s, two young troubled artists form an intimate and compassionate friendship, only to be torn apart by the monsters buried deep in their pasts.

Loren and Rose

A filmmakers and his mentor, an eccentric starlet, spend an evening discussing philosophy, art and baking pies.

8080 Sunset

TV Pilot
8080 SUNSET is an hour long drama set in both the underbelly and highest levels of the hedonistic Los Angeles society of the 1920s. Over nine episodes, we will see how the motivations of powerful forces — the mafia who control the drug trade, the early LAPD, an exploding new entertainment industry, oil speculators seeking to enlarge their fortunes, and a burgeoning fundamentalist religious movement — will converge over two violent acts committed against the same woman.

The Power of Christmas Carols

Feature Treatment
A country star in the midst of personal and professional turmoil returns home to heal the past and learn the importance of Christmas carols.