Search Engines

Starring: Joely Fisher, Connie Stevens, Daphne Zuniga, Natasha Gregson Wagner
“Well-considered insights… Sharp banter… Insinuating camera moves…”
-The Hollywood Reporter
Awards for Search Engines, a film by Russell Brown
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Annie and the Gypsy

Starring: Cybill Shepherd, David Burtka, Peter Paige, Gia Carides

“Sharp… Keenly observed… Deftly played by Cybill Shepherd…” – Film International

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The Blue Tooth Virgin

Starring: Bryce Johnson, Austin Peck, Roma Maffia, Tom Gilroy, Karen Black

“Hilarious… Acutely Knowing…” – The Los Angeles Times

The Blue Tooth Virgin, a film by Russel Brown - Awards

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Race You to the Bottom

Starring: Amber Benson, Cole Williams, Danielle Harris, Justin Hartley

“Top notch…Writing and directing with perceptive wit…” – The Los Angeles Times

Awards for Race You to the Bottom, a film by Russell Brown

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Conversation with a Cigarette

Starring: Ian Hart

“A tour-de-force performance…” – The Desert Sun

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Karen Black: On Acting

Starring: Karen Black

“Essential…Informative…” –

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Russell Brown, Filmmaker

"Those who keep an eye out for promising young filmmakers should take notice - and someone in Hollywood should take Mr. Brown to lunch" - LA Weekly

"And what dialogue it is! Beautiful and quotable, intriguing and challenging. There are so many great themes here, you truly wonder how writer/director Russell Brown will find something else to write about in future projects." -